The Olympic Development Program is administered by the Idaho Youth Soccer Association director of coaching. Athletes striving to compete at a higher level are encouraged to consider participating in the ODP program. Information regarding this program can be found on the Idaho Youth Soccer Association's ODP webpage.

History and Mission

The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program has been in existence since 1977. The program was introduced to help identify potential national team youth players through an organized series of trials which begins at the district level, progresses through the state, regional and finally the national level. The program also serves as a means of development as the players identified are brought together for training and prepared for interstate, interregional and international competitions. The development of the players is taking place rapidly as talented players are brought together for training and competition at all levels. Training and playing with those of equal or greater ability is a tremendous teaching tool. The program is open to any youth player with birth years 1997-2002.

More Information

The ODP season will officially kick off for ALL PLAYERS born 1997-2002 on Sunday, Sept. 15 from 1-5pm. The tryout will be held at Brother's Park in Caldwell (just outside of Boise).